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Chiropractic Services
At our Hollywood chiropractor center we offer a variety of services to cater for your individual needs. 
The chiropractic services we provide include:
Chiropractic adjustments: This is the core chiropractic treatment provided by Dr. Lee. The purpose of an adjustment is to realign and put the spinal vertebrae back in their proper place, which results in your body having its proper flow of energy restored and strengthened. 

Chiropractic adjustment chiropractorA spinal misalignment itself can show up as a variety of physical symptoms, from neck pain, lower back pain or back stiffness to headaches, migraines and general soreness, or even a pinched nerve. When the adjustment is done, the symptoms often disappear. Sometimes a misalignment will not show up as an obvious physical symptom like an ache or pain. But it may still be effecting your body negatively, inhibiting its normal functions. Once this is handled, your body's natural flow of energy is restored and the body is free to restore its own health. Ryan Lee knows a number of different chiropractic adjustment techniques which he can use to realign your spine and in so doing restore your physical wellbein

Other services that are provided at our Hollywood chiropractic clinic include:

Anti-aging LED system:  Using the NASA developed technology in our Celluma Device we help remove age lines that can appear with age.  As well as Acne reduction,  the Celluma device using blue, red and infrared lights help with the reduction of pain and inflammation in the body over a course of treatments done regularly.  

Chiropractic Massage is a form of massage intended to be used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.  It is ideally gotten just before or after a Chiropractic adjustment to either make the chiropractic adjustment easier and/or last longer.  This is very much only a regional massage and is only done in 15 to 30 minute sessions.  It is ideally gotten from a massage therapist before the adjustment for maximum benefit.  This form of massage requires the client to wear some clothes, as gym shorts and a tank top (for women).

Muscle stimulation (technically known as “interferential”) and ultrasound: Muscle stimulation is a technique where a small amount of electrical stimulation is applied to an area of the body in combination with a heat pack. This results in increased heat and circulation in that area and increased activity in and around those muscles. The result is a lessening of pain, greater blood and nerve flow and often greater ability for that area to heal. Ultrasound has similar results but instead of using heat, it uses an ultrasound wave. Muscle stimulation and ultrasound are useful tools for sports chiropractic and particularly in speeding up one's recovery time from an injury.

Paraffin wax bath: A paraffin wax bath works similarly to electric muscle stimulation in that it uses heat to relax sore muscles, reduce inflammation and promote circulation. The paraffin wax bath is also known for soothing and moisturizing the skin by opening up the pores. The technique can be used to relieve arthritis and/or chronic pain.

Trigger point therapy chiropractorTrigger point therapy: This is a technique involving sustained pressure on a trigger point, a point in a muscle that has a backup of metabolic waste products, pain and limited use of the muscle (which leads to chronic pain symptoms). The applied pressure pushes the blood and waste products out of the muscle containing the trigger point/s and releases the continually contracted muscle held together by the trigger point/s.

Physical therapy: Physical therapy is sometimes needed when there has been an injury or a chronic body problem such as in sports chiropractic. It can be used to restore proper blood flow and circulation and promote healing in a specific part of the body, as well as simply restore function to an area of the body.

Nutritional assessmentsNutrition  testing: Proper nutrition is key to your health. As such, we offer nutritional assessments using blood and hair testing. The practitioner using this technique can analyze your existing diet and any supplements, and detect what food and supplements your body does well with and what, if any, you may be allergic to. You will also learn if your body is polluted with toxins and what vitamins and minerals your body is deficient in. From this point you can then look at nutritional options to help get your body back in better balance.   By special appointment only.  Please call ahead of time so we can schedule one of our independent contractors to the office to serve you. 

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