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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is Chiropractic?   

A. Chiropractic comes from two greek words Chiro and Praktos.  Chiro means 'Hand' and Praktos means 'Done By'.  The literal translation of chiropractic means 'Done By Hand'.  What we do with our hands is move the vertebrae that are misaligned and unmoving in the body.  It's like rusty hinges that need to be oiled and moved.  80% of our body is designed to move, but in our modern society which tends to be sedentary (Accustomed to sitting or to taking little exercise) or invokes incorrect motions of the body (i.e. lifting heavy objects with the back rather than the legs) we get strained muscles which affects the bones and then the nerves that pass by these structures.  This usually shows up as pain in the body.

Chiropractic  is an adjective that has been turned into a noun like a Tryptic  (a painting with three panels). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triptych
Q.  What is an adjustment?
A.  An adjustment is the moving of the vertebrae with techniques designed to increase motion in the joints and position them back into their correct places.  These are generally low force, faster velocity techniques with the hands, although some additional instruments may be used to assist the movement.  It's an adjustment because it is specific with a purpose behind it rather then a manipulation which just sounds bad.
Q.  What is the noise that comes out during an adjustment? 
A.  The noise, or popping sounds is called cavitations.  It is generally agreed upon in the chiropractic profession that the noise one hears is the gases being released from fluid-filled sacks surrounding each joint called synovial joint capsules.  No bones are 'cracking' but it can be misconstrued as such and makes for many jokes.

Q.  What is a subluxation?

A.   A subluxation is a condition of a vertebrae(the back bones) which has lost its proper position and motion.  When this occurs it affects the nerves coming out from them resulting in decreased muscle strength, altered sensitivity and reflexes.  The nerves to organs, sweat glands, blood vessels and immune system are also affected and therefore leads to miscommunication to those systems. 

Q.  Do you have free parking?

A.  Yes!  Above ground  parking is available at no extra cost when you come visit our chiropractor center.

Q.  Are you related to Bruce Lee?

A.  Not that I'm aware of.  Depends on if you're a big-time movie producer or not.