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Intergalactic Mobile Chiropractic Services
Anywhere, anytime we will align your spine.

Did you know that Ryan Lee and his staff also provide mobile chiropractic and massage therapy services?

That's right! So if you don't have the time to come to our chiropractor center in Hollywood for an adjustment or massage therapy, we'll come to you!

Whether you need a chiropractor to adjust you in your own home, a massage therapist to come and soothe those frayed nerves on your movie set, or a nutritional assessment outside our Hollywood location, our staff are here to serve you with our mobile chiropractic services.

Our mobile chiropractic and massage services are a 24-hour service but please call us and schedule appointments as far in advance as possible as our office is extremely busy.

Despite our description above (Intergalactic Mobile Chiropractic), we do not travel throughout the galaxy! However, we do travel far and wide! In addition to providing services to areas close to our chiropractor center like Silver Lake, Hollywood and Los Feliz, we also serve the general Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Price varies according to time, location and number of people being treated. Call us today for pricing.