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Chiropractic Testimonials
Below are testimonials from some of our clients about the chiropractic care and other services they have received.

I cant say enough about how wonderful Dr. Lee is!!! He's a genuine, kind, caring person who has so much expertise in his field... he was able to help fix my neck pain and set it into correct alignment in just a few sessions.

Each time I looked forward to the treatment as he made it fun with his good sense of humor and great energy as well as healing my neck issues!

I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone and he has become a friend and dedicated International Citizen!!!  Thank you Dr. Lee :) !!!
Laura K. - Co-founder International Citizen

There were two times when I came in to see Dr. Lee that I noticed a significant difference.  For example, I arrived feeling 80% like cr*p-and left feeling 50% better.  Instant relief if you ask me!  Not only is Dr. Lee a great Chiro, but also he is a wonderful person!  Thank you Dr. Lee!
Laura S.

I recently moved back to LA from FL and I arrived with a pretty bad allergy reaction from the shift in environment.  I saw Dr. Lee and after just 1 visit & adjustment everything was handled and I felt so amazing!  Dr. Lee is da bomb!!!
Ferris S - Marketing agent

I had been wanting to get a pack of massages, and I called up Ryan Lee.  He gave me a great deal on a combo package of massages followed by chiropractic adjustments.  I knew I needed massages, but I had no clue that I was essentially one big knot!  The massages have been tailored to my problem areas and really work me over, which is at my request and what I like.  I'm realizing that I lot of my aches such as with a sore knee and achy hip come from the fact that I've had about 12 permanent knots each around those zones.  But lately I've been enjoying playing basketball again.
I've been to a lot of chiros over the last 30 years, and all have been very good.  Each of them had various moves they've done on me which seem to be regularly needed on my body.  The neat thing with Dr. Lee was that on the first visit, he found and did precisely and crisply all of those to great result, and another couple which were great for me that I'd never even heard of!  So he's very professional but friendly and in comm.
This is an unsolicited commend and I receive no financial benefit.  I just wanted to let everyone know I've been very pleased with the service.  
Dan K - tutor and counselor

Having recently become economically challenged and uninsured, I had to find a chiropractor in my new neighborhood that I could afford, plus one that wouldn't insist on x-raying me.  I had called dozens of chiropractors in my new neighborhood, and there was always some reason they wouldn't do a simple adjustment on a first visit, or they charged too much, or would not adjust me without x-rays.  I finally found Dr. Lee and he was just what I wanted.  He didn't waste my time, and I didn't even have a long wait in his office.  He just put the bones back where they belonged for a reasonable fee.  I also felt that if I had needed x-rays or more care, he would have been able to provide it.  I was happy to find a chiropractor that gave me exactly what I wanted.  And I also love the free parking garage!  It was a hot day and my car stayed cool and protected from birds, and there were plenty of spaces. I will be back! Lydia B. from YELP REVIEW

Ryan is awesome! He's always willing to work you in when you wake up with a horrible ache! I love all the heat and rollers you get to lay on before the adjustment! His adjustments are great! He's very economical as well, which is always a plus! He has great deal on massage, I haven't done one, but am very eager to get one! Thanks Ryan! Stephanie L. from YELP REVIEW

I was very impressed with Dr Lee's professionalism and skill as a chiropractor. He showed great care and interest in my health. The results have been wonderful.
I had been referred to him by two different friends and I'm really glad I called him for an appointment.
I've been going to Chiropractors since I was 13 years old, I'm 57. This guy is good. Mary W. From YelpReview

     Dr. Lee is a very professional, helpful and knowledgeable chiropractor. I have been there several times now with my mother, who is opting for chiropractic care to heal her ruptured lumbar disk.
     I remember the first time we visited his office, my mother could barely walk she was in SO much pain, and Dr. Lee came out with arms extended to help support my mom and together with his assistant help her get into one of the rooms for treatment. I remember being so grateful they saw her situation and didn't fuss with details like "oh mam, you have to fill this out first". Those details were taken care of later, but it was so important to me that he was able to asses the situation and react with her best interest in mind.
     My mother's English is limited, but Dr. Lee knows enough Spanish to communicate with her. He's a very caring and charismatic person. My mom has been going to him daily,  and Dr. Lee makes himself available, even on the weekends, by appointment of course. I have to say it means a lot, considering his website says he is married and has three kids.
     Yes, this is my first Yelp Review... I always thought about creating an account, never did until now. I'm just so grateful to Dr. Lee for helping my mother's herniated disk heal, that I had to come on here and say so! He has taken a conservative yet very effective approach with her, and because of that, she is now walking comfortably and free of the extreme pain she was in before! Liz E. from YELP REVIEW

Daphne Wayans, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client

"I felt like I was dying just a little bit and in just 20 mins I am full of life again and excited about the day."
Daphne W. - Entertainer

Jody Mckay, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"Dr. Lee has been working on a very long term problem with my hip (4 visits).  Since my first visit, I have had no pain at all!  The chronic condition is gone and I can even play the piano now!  Thanks Dr. Lee - You're the best!" Jody M. - Promotion and Marketing Director

Ilona, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client

"My body condition's improvement is SIGNIFICANT since I got handlings from you Ryan. Period.  Even after the first handling the energy-flow went up high in my body AND the pain was decreased a lot!  What I like in here, you gave me COMPLEX handling-not only adjustments.  You ARE THE BEST!!!" Ilona V.

Greg Willardson, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client"I was feeling very sluggish and my nerves, from my neck all the way down to my feet, were feeling sort of jumbled with random pins-and-needles pain. My daughter bought me a 10 session package with Dr Lee and it was wonderful! He opened up my spine and nerve channels and I feel like my body has been restored to a previously more stable state.After a few adjustments I realized that I’d been sitting while working, for years, day after day after day, and that my spine and muscles and nerves had just been compressed into a sort of weird fixed state. The full set of 10 adjustments slowly but surely decompressed that non-optimum state.  Since Dr Lee adjusted or removed me out of this fixed state      I now feel like when I’m walking down the street, for example, my whole body is walking down the street and is happy about it. Before, I was just my legs walking down the street carrying along with them a sore and painful back and spine.
Thanks Dr Lee!" Greg W.

Egon Fjortaj, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"Great chiropractor! Having visited several other chiropractors in the past, I can absolutely recommend Dr. Lee to anyone in LA in need of pain/stress relief. He deeply cares about his patients' well-being and it really shows in his work. Each time I visit Dr. Lee, he treats my spine with such great care and expertise that I walk out of his office feeling like a new person!" Egon Fjortaj - Actor

Lisa Siewert, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"The past week I had been working 12 hour days and my left shoulder had locked up. The persistent pain was difficult in the day which kept me awake at night and my body became exhausted. When I saw Dr. Lee, he had much patience with me and took his time to get my body back in order. The moment he adjusted my shoulder which was out of place, I felt an instant relief and the stress melted off my body. I then had a great evening and my best sleep in days.
Thanks Dr. Lee!" Lisa S.- Actor

Jason Roland, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"Ryan Lee is an outstanding Chiropractor.  I am a former athlete with numerous old injuries.  Dr. Lee takes the time to listen to what is ailing me and then goes to work on me.  He does not rush through the adjustment.  He makes sure that we have addressed all that is ailing me and he doesn't stop until he has handled all of my complaints.  I have recommended him to several of my friends & family.  They are receiving they same quality of care and service as I told them they would receive.  They are now recommending their friends & family.  I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Lee.  He cares about his patients & he will take excellent care of you." Jason R.

Ed Renna, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"I have been seeing Chiropractors for about 25 years and I have never had the quality of service that I have experienced with Dr. Ryan Lee.  I feel that he really cares about my health and well being and he does what it takes to get me feeling better!  His level of service is extremely high and he has a high degree of knowledge of the physical body.  He is a rare find in today's medical field.  Thank you, Dr. Lee!"
Ed R.- Artist/Accountant

Darci Price, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client"When I was in my very early 20's, I taught sailing and sailboat racing. I injured my lower back severely to the point that I could hardly get out of bed for 3 months straight. Since that time, back problems have been an ongoing issue for me. Now that I sit at a desk for 9-10 hours a day, I have painful issues in my neck and upper back in addition to the occasional flare up in the lower back. Today was my first visit with Ryan Lee, and I can honestly say that I feel substantially better. I have been to a few other chiropractors in my past- some great, and some not so hot. I do know that after an adjustment, it sometimes takes days to feel the difference due to the sore muscles attached to the bones that were misaligned (at least that is how I have understood the explanation). Anyway, I do sometimes feel better after a chiropractic adjustment, but today I felt it even more so. I came to Dr. Lee via an incredibly discounted special that he is offering to celebrate the opening of his new office space. I wondered if it would be a limited visit or if the quality of care might not be the same that I was used to because of the extreme discount. That was NOT the case at all. This visit was very extensive, he was caring and asked the right questions, he made a very accurate assessment of my situation, and adjusted me accordingly. He did not try to upsell me on unnecessary products, tests, or supplements (although I'm not adverse to helpful and honest suggestions... I just don't like the "used car salesman" techniques when it comes to my doctors).  I can't recommend him enough!"
Darci P. - Talent manager

Priscilla Drion, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"Dr. Lee is an amazing Chiro. He seems to know exactly where the problem area is and fixes without me even telling him what's wrong. He also gives service with a smile!! Would recommend him to anyone."
Priscilla D.- artist

Amy Buzin, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client"I had a tear in my right knee from a slip and fall that is about 1 years old or more.  I had MRIs for it in October 2010.  I was told I may need surgery on it.  I had trouble walking upstairs, it would give out on me.  It's no longer giving out on me since Ryan adjusted me a couple of times.  It's staying more stable, steady.  I felt before I couldn't dance or do sports that's my passion and other things.  Now I feel I got my life back, that I can dance and walk up stairs again with little, to no pain now.  Thank you!  For all your help Ryan in Healing and helping me!"
Amy B.- talent scout

Ben Reinhart, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client
"Since I've been seeing you the headaches/pain in my neck that I used to get rarely affects me anymore. Thanks so much Ryan! You're so great and willing to help!"
Ben R. - CCHR activist

Steven Wagner, a Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center client"That Dr. Lee comes to my office is a great convenience. However, it would mean little if he didn't get results---AND HE DOES. I suffer with continual back stiffness, which can even affect my breathing. I'd never considered using chiropractic to address it but one time I got an adjustment just for the stiffness and it eased the breathing...an "a-ha!" moment, for sure."
Steven W. - Musician/Songwriter

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